Ear Tags and EID Tags for Livestock Producers

In recent years, the USDA has made moves towards a mandatory ID system. Parts of this task have been delegated to state Animal Health Commissions/Departments to determine and enforce livestock ID requirements. Policies have been enacted to address both Interstate and Intrastate movements of livestock.

Maybe you have a complicated situation - you raise livestock that you move to shows across state lines, sell livestock to exhibitors who exhibit at shows & fairs, etc.

You may only need a single tag or just a couple of tags, or maybe you need them by the bag. Whatever your need, The Livestock Tags Store provides a variety of on-farm management tags - from just having a management code printed on the tag, to including a line of text (such as your ranch name) and even a logo! With lots of options for sizes and colors, we can help you find the tags that are just right for you.

We work closely with many ID related groups, including Allflex (the leading tag manufacturing company) and CattleMax (the leading cattle management software - this is operated by Cattlesoft, owner of LivestockTags.com), and many others.