Allflex Production Timeframes

As of January 19, 2023

Allflex USA is continuing to experience extensive production delays along with global inventory shortages and transportation challenges.  As an Allflex distributor, we have no control over timeframes, status updates, access to the warehouse, etc.

Estimated Timeframes affecting all Allflex distributors

CUSTOM PRINTED ITEMS 20 weeks but could be as soon as 6-8 weeks
STANDARD ITEMS* At least 20 weeks
USDA EID TAGS (Bag of 20/50/250) USDA tags are a priority, most are shipping in 8 weeks or sooner.
RFID READERS At least 20 weeks 
TSU (Tissue Sampling Units) At least 20 weeks

* Standard items include most EID tags, blank visual tags, syringes, applicators, marking pens, etc

These timeframes are estimates. It’s best to go ahead and place your order to ensure your place in the production queue. 

While supply and transportation issues are being experienced in every industry across the world, the Allflex production timeframe has been compounded by a transition to a new system last year. We have been told that the production queue contains a tremendous amount of backorders with customers placing even larger orders to handle anticipated delays - thus the reason for the 5+ month timeframe for most orders. 

Merck/Allflex recently opened an additional ear tag production facility to support increased product demand. Click here for the full details.


  • As an Allflex distributor, we have no control over timeframes, status updates, access to the warehouse, etc.
  • We only receive confirmation that orders have been received and the tracking number when an order ships. Allflex is not able to provide any further information, such as ETAs/shipment date, status updates, material inventory levels, etc.
  • There are inventory shortages with some tag sizes and colors. We will work directly with customers once we are notified of the shortage or inability to obtain a layout or color. These items will remain available for purchase; as inventory arrives, orders will then be added to the queue.
  • Allflex is not accepting any new custom logo setups at this time. For tag orders using an existing logo, Allflex continues to require the order to have a minimum of 100 tags.

Additional Notes

  • Payment is required at the time of your order so that your order can then be submitted to Allflex.
  • If you have moved or will be changing addresses before your order ships, please let us know your forwarding address to ensure your order arrives at the right location.
  • With further delayed production timeframes, we realize that some may need to cancel their order. By canceling your order and then reordering with another distributor, you are stepping out of your current place in the queue and starting over as ALL Allflex custom tags in the U.S. are printed at the same Allflex facilities.

It's important to us that we be open and straightforward with customers. We are sending emails as well as updating the Allflex Production Timeframes page which is linked at the top of the site as well as on the product pages, cart page, and followup emails.

Updated Store Policies

In early January 2023, Allflex announced price increases and policy changes for all distributors. These policy changes included a new minimum order requirement, elimination of all returns and exchanges making all sales final, and time restrictions on reporting errors or mistakes with orders.  It’s very important that you inspect your order quickly, as mistakes must be reported within 5 days of delivery. 

As a rancher-customer service team, we understand the importance for you to receive your order in a timely manner. These delays and shortages impact every operation, large and small. If you need to contact us regarding your order, please do so remembering that we are limited to the information you see on this page and are working hard to keep up with a situation that is beyond our control.