Allflex USDA / Official Livestock Tags

USDA tags (United States Department of Agriculture) have a unique 15 digit number starting with "840", display the USDA shield emblem and a "Unlawful to Remove" print. A Premises ID is required to purchase USDA tags. These are ideal for cattle moving extensively, especially across state lines, and ensure compliance among different states.

  • All in One livestock tags are a combination of an EID button tag and a visual tag. These are ideal if you need the benefits of an EID tag and a visual tag, but want the set to only take a spot in one ear. These are also good options in situations of high volume tagging, as you are simply attaching a single tag instead of 2 separate tags.
  • Matched pair livestock tags are sets of tags that include a visual tag and an electronic ID tag. What makes them "matched" is that the EID number is printed on both of the tags. This helps in the event that one tag is lost from the animal's ear, there is still another form of identification.
  • USDA visual livestock tags are a good option to meet USDA requirements, but when an EID tag is not needed. A unique 15-digit number is printed on each USDA ear tag, and a Premises ID is required to order these tags.