Livestock Tags for Fair and Show Exhibitors

In recent years, the USDA has made moves towards a mandatory ID system. Parts of this task have been delegated to state Animal Health Commissions/Departments to determine and enforce livestock ID requirements. Policies have been enacted to address both Interstate and Intrastate movements of livestock.

You are in a unique situation in that you are moving livestock from your location to a fair or multiple fair locations. Even though you may just have one or a couple of animals you exhibit, raising a livestock animal has the same ID requirements as ranchers/producers.

Here at The Livestock Tags Store, we realize you may only need a single tag or just a couple of tags. Therefore, there is no minimum order charge, and shipping is not increased to cover a "built-in minimum".

We work closely with many ID related groups, including Allflex (the leading tag manufacturing company), ShoWorks (the leading fair management software), CattleMax (the leading cattle management software - this is operated by Cattlesoft, owner of, and many others.