Allflex Management Code and Line of Text Tags

Management Code

A management code is where your selected numbering system is featured on the tag. It can be an alphanumeric entry of just numbers, letters, or a combination. Tags have a limit of 3-5 characters in the management code. Letters that are included in the management code are printed in ALL CAPITALS. Spaces are allowed, and hyphens " - " and slashes "/" are also allowed in management codes.

Line of Text

A line of text is an entry that is printed on the tag, usually with a limit of characters of 16 to 20 (including punctuation and spaces). Use the line of text to indicate your ranch name, phone number, group name, sire/dam information or other helpful details. A variety of tag layouts are available with 1 to 4 lines of text on each side of the tag.

Punctuation usable within a line of text includes: period (.) comma (,) hyphen (-) slash (/) apostrophe (‘) colon (:) ampersand (&) parenthesis (). The @ sign cannot be used at the beginning or the end of a line of text. There are several characters NOT allowed in a text field, such as * # % ! " ^ + = ?

Letters are printed in ALL CAPITALS.