Allflex Laser Ink & Tag Durability

Allflex utilizes some of the toughest technology available on their tags. The laser engraving is permanent markings burned into the tag.  The management code is always ink over laser which is why the management code is always going to be the most visible part of the tag. On custom tags, the logo and lines of text are laser engraving only, with no ink overlay. Laser engraving offers a black/grayish imprint and is much more visible on a lighter colored tag. If you are ordering a black tag, the numbers will be a gray or off-white color. The laser engraving will ensure the tag is readable for the lifetime of the animal. The tag below shows the different visual elements on a tag. Note how the management code is darker than the line of text or logo printing. 

The plastic which Allflex visual tags are made from is specially-formulated polyurethane. This type of plastic allows the tags to be extremely flexible and strong. Therefore, these tags are resistant to damage or breakage by the animal, fences, or other objects.

Our tags have gone through commercial dishwashing systems, light acid from tanneries, not to mention some extreme natural environments. They can be used in a variety of situations - saltwater, crab pots, oil & gas equipment, vineyards, hospitals, etc. Part of the printing process includes a shiny non-stick film that protects the face of the tag from dirt and slows the effects of UV exposure. The tags are made out of plastic and are non-metal and non-corrosive. The metal tips of button backs (for the two-piece tags) and the piercing mechanism on the ATAG will not rust.

The tags should not be exposed to an autoclave process (high-temperature washing).